Wow, it has been 57 weeks...
save me from myself
...since I have updated my journal!

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save me from myself

If I wasn't so attached to my username I would just delete this journal and start over.

Interested in making a little extra pocket change?
save me from myself

Here is the spiel:

We are currently looking for website reviewers for our company. Our Media Market Company is seeking individuals to work part time reviewing sites. This is a part time position. You are paid for each website you review. Payments are made once per month. Your pay depends on the number of websites you review. You can make as much as $30 a day. Serious Inquiries Only Please.


1. An internet connection.

2. A dedicated amount of time you can spend on your project each day (At least 30 min per day).

You get $10 up front. You need a paypal account and valid email address.

Please look over the site link below and read the Overview section. You'll find this to be very straightforward and very easy to do. If you feel that this is something that interests you, and you don't mind getting paid to read e-mail and look over products from time to time, then sign up and I will send you information on how to get started and the direction to take to start earning money. It will never cost you a penny, and you never have to sign up for any of the services being advertised in the e-mails. It couldn't be easier to make substantial income from this; it just takes a little time and effort. I want to let you know that you won't get rich doing this. It is simply for extra cash.

Please click on the link below to find out more.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have.

I look forward to working with you,



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save me from myself
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Sexual Meme
save me from myself

from kristy

1.Ever been to a strip club? Yes

2.Ever been to a bar? Yes.

3.Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club? No.

4.Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere? No

5.Kissed someone of the same sex? Yes

6.Thrown up from drinking too much? Yes

7.Had sex in a car? Yes

8.Had sex in a park? Yes

9.Had sex in a cinema? No

10.Had sex in a bathroom? Yes

11.Had sex at work? No

12.Have you ever been to an adult store? Yes.

13.Bought something from an "adult" store? Yes

14.Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? Yes

15.Have you ever had a threesome? No

16.Are your breasts real? Yes

17.Have you ever kissed a stranger? Yes

18.Does anyone have naughty pics of you? Yes

19.Ever had oral sex in a nightclub? No

20.Ever had sex with someone you met through Myspace? No

21.Who, on your friends list, will complete this survey? Not sure! ;)


You Make Me

Have you ever googled yourself?  Not just your real name, but your username?  I googled SweetAngelGC and got 41 pages of stuff!  That's nuts!


Lights Out
Well, I know how a majority of you ended up on my friends list, but there are some of you that I wonder about.  I know I added you, but I have no freaking idea why or where I met you.  Maybe you can re-introduce yourselves?  Unless you are somebody I comment on occasionally.  I definitely want to keep you!  LOL!   I'm thinking about a friends cut in the near future.  I want to be more active online again, so I'd like to clean my journal up a bit.  Comments, questions, criticisms?  :)  All are welcome.

save me from myself

Got my computer at home up and running again!!!  Yay!  Hopefully now I can find more time to be online.  :)


Another icky thing...
save me from myself
I woke up one Sunday to find that I had a small lump underneath my left arm pit.  I assumed it was a spider bite.  Well, the fucker just kept growing!  So I went to the urgent care the next Saturday and now I am taking 3 meds, plus the doctor pocked a hole in it and it leaked out some nasty pink fluid.  TMI, I know.  Sorry.  Anyway, I had to share this disgusting thing with you.  I am still on the antibiotics, plus I got a painful shot in my ass!!  Ack!  And I still have a bump.  Smaller, yes, but it is still there.  They said my bug bite got infected.  No shit.

I am alive...
save me from myself

...just in case you wondered.  The move was chaotic and a pain in my ass.  There are still a ton of boxes that need to be unpacked.  

Love the house, HATE my neighbors and their ghetto children.  For example, today they smeared poop on the windows and wrote on the door in permanent marker.  John made them clean it all up.  The marker is still there though.  I took pictures for the landlord and emailed them to him.  I've also gotten past the point where I want Ryan to come tell me when one of them hits him.  He has permission to hit them back now because they have worthless parents who don't give a shit.  The kids are literally outside from sun up to sun down.  And not a parent to ever be seen outside either.  I get tired of being the only parent in the complex who cares.  There are four duplexes, all sharing one really big yard.

We went to Lagoon the other day.  It is our much much smaller version of Magic Mountain... Small theme park.  I will post pictures as soon as I develop them.  Shaylah took a very long time to get comfortable there!  You will see her grumpy face in the first few pics, lol.  We got there pretty late actually, because John and I were fighting that morning.  A really long story, but it all turned out fine in the end. 

Well, sorry to make this brief, but I have to run.  :)  I hope you are all doing well!!


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